Anonymous: Hi I had spammed you on aff once, lol omg I missed you and your scenarios T.T I know you have a life and I 100% understand you. Just don't forget us and update :( HWAIGHTING~^^

I remember, I remember! And I haven’t forgotten about you—on the contrary, actually! Thank you for your constant support. ♡

daeѕυng| dιe ғor yoυ ♔ | м+|


♫ You want me, you love me and I hate myself. I need you but I hate you 'cause I want nothing else.

Tears streamed down the corners of your eyes as you stared out the window in grief. It wasn’t that you were sad—you were angry. Angry that Daesung couldn’t try to comprehend your point of view. He didn’t care. Or maybe he did. Whatever the case, you knew in your heart that what you felt was intolerable, so much so that your hitched breathing caused your chest to constrict in pain.

I’m sorry, he said.

It’s part of the idol life, he repeated.

The idol life always came first. It was on those terms that you had to live by in order to be with him. And although it might have been easy to stand by in the beginning, the heart was greedy and you found yourself wanting more—aching for more of him. He was just so damned addicting and a small fragment of yourself wished you loved him a bit less.

He’d shouted and you’d shouted back. A door was slammed and out he went—fresh air, away from you.

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Anonymous: Chingu, just a gentle reminder the "pieces" is spelled wrongly.. I dun mean any harm, I just wanted to tell u...

Sob. Where is it spelled wrong? By all means, correct me if I miss any typos. Sometimes I get lazy heh. 

Thank you though! 

Anonymous: One day when u come home drunk...? GD or VI? Pwease

I’ll add it to the list, mm’kay? 

Anonymous: I wan seungri scenario as present for finishing all my homework haha... Hope I will get my present<3 Have a great week unnie!

I will give you a Seungri scenario, don’t you worry! Have a beautiful week as well, love!

fly-on-paper-wings: Are you still taking scenarios? ive been asking all around but no one ever responds... if you are, may I have one with daesung where we are at a fancy fancy restaurant and I see one of my old guy friends and dae gets jealous? thanks! xoxo

Yes, love, I do indeed. Feel free to request, it actually helps me. I will work on it. Im so glad to see all the Dae requests lately! ♡

ᴛ.ᴏ.ᴘ | Sᴍᴏᴏᴛʜ Oᴘᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ ♤ |ᴍ|

♫ No place for beginners or sensitive hearts. When sentiment is left to chance no place to be ending but somewhere to start.

The party was in full swing when you arrived dressed to the nine. Your hair was swept up and you donned the most fashionable of gowns for the evening. While you got ready, you vaguely wondered if you’d see him. Though it didn’t matter if you did—at least, that’s what you repeatedly told yourself.

As your eyes swept the room in search for a familiar face, you failed to see the pair of eyes that were drinking you in. His wine swished in his hands and all words that were spoken so seductively into his ear by a woman in red went unnoticed. His attention was on you—his prey.

You moved fluidly towards the balcony, fingers slipping around the stem of a champagne glass. Winking as thanks to the waiter you could not fight the chuckle that passed your lips lightly when the blush on his face spread. You loved this new sense of sureness you radiated. It was empowering and you couldn’t fathom living each day without it—a potential harnessed once your ex-lover and you parted ways.

The man, albeit broke your heart and left you bleeding, taught you something important. He taught you that you must never hand anyone the power to break you. They must never know your weakness and that is why you did not give yourself away in a relationship. Always you kept yourself a good distance and tore the heart you so willingly wore on your sleeve before.

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Sᴇᴜɴɢʀɪ | TEACH HIM ★

So I teach him, teach him not to lie. Make him laugh until he cries. Hold him, stand by his side hoping he'll change his way of life.

People change. Deep down in your heart you knew that if someone really wanted to, they could change. A person is not always black and white; you knew this—felt it. There were shades of grey everywhere and you realized it early on. This  was always your response when your friends would sneer at the mention of Seungri’s name, his existence.

You loved Seungri, loved him with every fiber in your body and you knew that he was capable of changing; it was all a matter of perspective—teaching him.

The guilt that seeped from his pours was overwhelming at times. When he kissed you, he’d pull you closer, frantic and desperate that you feel his silent apology for cheating again. And you forgave him, always. Because love is not perfect and neither was he.

All shades of grey.

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Anonymous: Can I request a scenario for Daesung...? *timidly* I feel like there arent enough ^_^ Can I have one with me and him getting angry at eachother then have hot sex? #^_°#

I agree with you, there aren’t enough. Hoho, I will definitely work on this no worries!

Anonymous: I just wanna say ur imagines/scenarios really makes my day^^ I start my day by reading them:) Pretty please continue to write more>_~ One SeungRi scenario? Pweasee~

Thank you, love! Come here and let me love you. I will work on a Seungri scenario.